Easy "chips" recipe summary

We have compiled a recipe for "chips" with a crispy texture. Just bake in a frying pan, "Crispy perilla chips", "Potato chips that are not fried" in the microwave, and "Easy avocado chips".

For snacks! Chips recipe summary

Just bake in a frying pan "Crispy perilla chips"

Easy "chips" recipe summary

A recipe for "crispy perilla chips" that can be easily made with a frying pan. It has a crispy and light texture, a delicate texture that crumbles in the mouth, and a refreshing flavor of perilla that spreads slowly.

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"Potato chips not fried" in the microwave

Easy "chips" recipe summary

A simple recipe for "non-fried potato chips" baked in the microwave! Since it is heated in the microwave, it does not use oil and is very healthy. In addition to simply eating with salt, sprinkle curry powder or grated cheese as you like, or sprinkle with melted chocolate and have fun!

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Easy avocado chips

Easy "chips" recipe summary

Simply slice the avocado into thin slices and heat in the microwave. A simple but surprisingly delicious "avocado chips" recipe.

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