"47 JIMOTO Frappuccino" Starbucks 25th Anniversary of Japan Landing 2nd

"47 JIMOTO Frappuccino" will be released on June 30th at stores in each prefecture as the second edition of the 25th anniversary of Starbucks landing in Japan (excluding some stores). The price of the tall size is 669 yen for take-out and 682 yen for in-store use (tax included).

Starbucks 25th Anniversary of Landing in Japan

In 1996, the first Starbucks Coffee Ginza Matsuya-dori store was opened in Ginza, Tokyo. After that, it opened stores in 47 prefectures, and now it has grown to about 1,600 stores nationwide. Every day, we communicate with local people at each store and deepen our connections.

47JIMOTO Frappuccino

As the second installment of the 25th anniversary of Starbucks' landing in Japan, "47 JIMOTO Frappuccino", which is packed with 47 stories, is released with a feeling of gratitude to the people of the region so far and the connection that will continue into the future. It was commercialized based on the ideas that came out from partners (employees) in each region as "this is a product that I want to deliver to my locals" from stores all over the country.

A lineup rich in individuality, such as those that look like magnificent nature such as mountains and rivers that symbolize the region, those that are inspired by the food culture unique to the region, and those that focus on local specialties. We have a selection of Frappuccinos that are particular about the appearance, taste, and product name, which are carefully thought out from the perspective unique to the region.

Limited time until August 3 (finished as soon as it runs out). The sales area may change if it is re-released in the future.