Yayoiken takeout "Chicken Nanban Don"

At each Yayoiken store, a new lineup of take-out "home set meals", "[take-out] chicken nanban bowl", "[take-out] local chicken oyakodon-Awao chicken-", and "[take-out] katsudon" will be on July 2nd. Will be released in.

[Take out] Chicken nanban bowl

Yayoiken "[Takeout] Chicken Nanban Don"

"[Take out] Chicken Nanban Don" is a bowl of rice topped with shredded cabbage, topped with chicken nanban, and sprinkled with sweet and sour sauce and tartar sauce. You can enjoy a combination of juicy chicken nanban soaked in sweet and sour sauce and tartar sauce with plenty of chopped boiled eggs and pickles. The price is 590 yen (tax included, same below).

[Takeout] Jidori Oyakodon-Awao Chicken-

Yayoiken "[Takeout] Jidori Oyakodon-Awao Chicken-"

"[Take out] Oyakodon with local chicken-Awao chicken-" is a parent and child bowl using the local chicken "Awao chicken" from Tokushima prefecture. "Awao chicken", which is firm and has a moderately chewy texture, is stewed in a special sweet soup stock and softly bound with two eggs. The price is 580 yen.

[Take out] Katsudon

Yayoiken "[Takeout] Katsudon"

"[Take-out] Katsudon" is a katsudon made by stewing a delicious pork cutlet with a special soup stock and binding it with an egg. The special soup stock from eastern Japan has the flavor of tamari soy sauce, and the sweet and rich taste of kogashi soy sauce from western Japan. The price is 590 yen.

"Home set meal" You can choose from 3 types of rice bowls, normal or large, at the same price. You can also enjoy the 100 yen "[Take Out] Sea Lettuce Miso Soup" that will be released at the same time.

Yayoiken "[Takeout] Sea Lettuce Miso Soup"