Matsunoya Matsunoya "Lunch Box Limited Shrimp Fair"

At each Matsunoya and Matsunoya store, the "Bento Limited Shrimp Shrimp Fair" will be held from 3:00 pm on June 23 to 3:00 pm on July 7 (excluding some stores). In addition, "Set meal lunch limited rice large serving free service" will be held at the same time.

Lunch box limited shrimp fair

"Fried shrimp", which you can enjoy the crispy texture of shrimp, will be presented as a gift for lunch (take-out) only and for a limited time. In addition to the assorted set meals "Rose Katsushi & Fried Shrimp Set Meal" and "Large Fillet & Fried Shrimp Set Meal", "Chicken Katsu & Fried Shrimp Set Meal" will be revived for a limited time. "Chicken & Fried Shrimp Set Meal" doubles the tartar sauce with herbs.

Matsunoya Matsunoya "Lunch Box Limited Shrimp Fair"

Loin and fried shrimp 1 → 2 set meal 840 yen (tax included, same below)
Chicken fillet & fried shrimp 2 fish set meal 840 yen Large fillet & fried shrimp 1 fish → 2 fish set meal 1,040 yen

Set meal lunch limited rice large serving free service

For Matsunoya rice, rice that matches the pork cutlet is selected, and 100% domestically produced blended rice that is particular about the balance of "fragrance, umami, elasticity, and stickiness" is used. The original sauce made by aging 12 kinds of spices and vegetables / fruits, the fried food that we are proud of, and the rice go great together. During the period, the set meal lunch is limited, and this rice will be served free of charge.