Seijo Ishii "Atsuyaki Senbei Butter Chicken Curry Flavor" "Atsuyaki Senbei Green Curry Flavor"

A collaboration between Japanese snack rice crackers and ethnic curry. "Atsuyaki Senbei Butter Chicken Curry Flavor" and "Atsuyaki Senbei Green Curry Flavor" are on sale at Seijo Ishii.

Seijo Ishii Atsushi Yaki Senbei

A rice cracker made from 100% domestic rice and finished with a curry flavor. The exotic orange and green packaging is eye-catching. The rice crackers are not individually wrapped. The price is 357 yen each (tax included).

Seijo Ishii "Atsuyaki Senbei Butter Chicken Curry Flavor" "Atsuyaki Senbei Green Curry Flavor"

Thick senbei butter chicken curry flavor

Rice crackers seasoned with butter chicken curry seasoning, which is a combination of tomato-flavored powder, chicken extract powder, and butter powder. Hokkaido butter is used for butter powder (0.005% in the product).

Seijo Ishii "Atsuyaki Senbei Butter Chicken Curry Flavor"

A light texture that makes you hear a crisp sound every time you chew. First, the refreshing tomato flavor spreads, and the richness of butter is touched by a baton. There is no spiciness and a mellow finish remains. The senbei-like aroma and the mild flavor of butter chicken curry are a perfect match!

Thick rice cracker green curry flavor

Rice crackers using 12 kinds of spices. The complex and deep taste of spices spreads. This is quite spicy against the mellow butter chicken curry! Even if the spiciness chases afterwards and swallows it, the tongue is still numb. A taste that will satisfy even ethnic lovers.

Seijo Ishii "Atsuyaki Senbei Green Curry Flavor"

Both flavors have a full-fledged taste that makes full use of the characteristics of each curry. It has a strong flavor, so I think it goes well with beer. By all means when you want a slightly exciting snack or snack!