Genki Sushi "New Tuna Sanmi"

At each Genki Sushi store, "Hon-Tuna Daitoro", which was on sale from June 2nd, has been discontinued early, but as an "apology", "New Tuna Sanmi" will be available at a special price from June 11th. It will be sold for 242 yen (tax included, same below).

New tuna three tastes

"Hon-Tuna Daitoro", which was on sale from June 2, has been discontinued due to sales exceeding expectations. Therefore, from June 11th, "New Tuna Sanmi" using "Ehime Prefecture Tuna Nakatoro", "Tuna" and "Albacore Tuna" will be offered at an "apology price" of 242 yen. This is the same price as the price of one piece of Tuna Nakatoro from Ehime prefecture. You can enjoy it at a discount of 110 yen compared to a single item.

In addition to this, there is a lineup of "Trevally" and "Shellfish Sanmai" as a "Tuna Eating Out and Luxury 3 Pieces" fair.

Genki Sushi "Eat out of tuna and 3 luxurious dishes"

"Fatty Tuna from Ehime Prefecture" 1 piece 242 yen A dish that is particular about the thorough quality of complete aquaculture.

"Trevally" 1 piece 154 yen We offer seasonal high-class fish at a reasonable price.

"Shrimp Samadhi" 3 pieces 242 yen A dish that includes "royal road 3 pieces" of large red shrimp, live steamed shrimp, and natural brown shrimp.

"Shellfish Samadhi" 3 pieces 198 yen Enjoy the best 3 types of scallops, scallops, and Hokkaido scallops.

* Prices in the article are for in-store food and drink (consumption tax rate 10%).
* A consumption tax rate of 8% will be applied when you take it home.