Yayoiken takeout "house set meal" 100 yen discount

At "Yayoiken", we carry out a discount campaign for take-out "house set meal". It will be sold at a special price of 100 yen discount for a limited time from 16:00 on June 15th to 14:00 on July 1st. In addition to the standard fried chicken, two curries, "Beef tendon and vegetable curry" and "Ginger-grilled curry," which will be released on June 2, are also eligible.

Yayoiken takeout "house set meal" discount campaign

The products targeted for the discount campaign and the price list are as follows. All prices include tax.

・ Beef streaks and vegetable curry Regular price 790 yen ⇒ Special price 690 yen ・ Ginger-grilled curry Regular price 790 yen ⇒ Special price 690 yen ・ Fried fried regular price 690 yen ⇒ Special price 590 yen ・ Special fried regular price 860 yen ⇒ Special price 760 yen, Demi hamburger regular price 830 yen ⇒ special price 730 yen

For rice, you can choose from a large serving of regular rice and even a super-rich serving for free. Delivery use is not covered by the campaign.

In addition, the home set meal is 150 yen off the main unit price, and only side dishes are sold (only curry roux is not sold). Only side dishes are eligible for the campaign. In addition to fried chicken and demi hamburger, which are the target products of the campaign, 13 kinds of meat and fish such as chicken nanban and grilled mackerel are prepared.