TiMi "Biscube Mignon"

The sweets zone of "Shibuya Tokyu Food Show" will open on the 1st floor of Shibuya Mark City on June 1st. In addition to 5 limited shops, about 50 limited items will be lined up.

Tokyu Food Show Sweets Zone

Five limited shops such as the new chocolate sweets shop "REICACAO" born from the Shibuya Tokyu Food Show and the cheese sweets specialty store "Cheese Koron by BAKE CHEESE TART" newly developed by the freshly baked cheese tart specialty store "BAKE CHEESE TART" have appeared. (Some stores will open on July 10).

In addition, "MERCER bis", a store specializing in raw caramel chiffon cake with a "fluffy and mochi" texture, which is popular in Ebisu developed by "MERCER CAFE", and Ochanomizu, a long-established Japanese confectionery store in Hyogo, were born Eight shops, including the new-style Japanese sweets shop "Daisan Mannendo HANARE," have opened for the first time in commercial facilities.

"Shibuya Tokyu Food Show" Sweets Zone

・ TiMi "Biscube Mignon"

TiMi "Biscube Mignon"

A three-dimensional cookie made from almond tofu, pudding, and strawberry millefeuille. You can enjoy a slightly mysterious and new taste that spreads the taste of familiar namagashi in the crunchy texture. One box contains 3 pieces, and the price is 1,512 yen (tax included, same below). Limited to 50 boxes a day.

・ MERCER bis "Chiffon cake (chiffon cake x financier)"

MERCER bis "Chiffon cake (chiffon cake x financier)"

Chiffon cake and financier hybrid sweets. Combining the fluffy feel of the chiffon cake with the chewy texture of the financier, the dessert is finished as if the "raw caramel chiffon cake" had become smaller. The price is 443 yen per piece.

・ AnniBAUM "Kiln Dashi Cheese Baum"

AnniBAUM "Kiln Dashi Cheese Baum"

A product limited to the Shibuya Tokyu Food Show, which is made with luxuriously high-quality Danish cream cheese and baked with a skillful pastry chef. Baumkuchen that can be eaten deliciously whether it is warmed or cooled. The price is 411 yen per piece. Limited to 20 per day.

・ REICA CAO "Gateau cacao"

REICACAO "Gateau cacao"

Mainly uses organic chocolate. A new dessert that expresses the vividness of the cacao pot by sandwiching five types of cream, rouge, matcha, passion, cassis, and noir, in brownie dough. 5 types x 1 each, price is 1,296 yen.

・ ATELIER MELLOW HICH "4 pound cakes"

ATELIER MELLOW HICH "4 pound cakes"

A moist and raw pound cake made by hand-baking using carefully selected nuts and fruits. It's a luxurious taste like namagashi. You can combine packages with illustrations and messages, so it is also recommended as an original personal gift. One set contains 4 pieces, and the price is 1,296 yen.

In addition, the Tokyu Department Store online shopping also sells popular and standard products from each shop, including products limited to the Shibuya Tokyu Food Show.