IKEA "Sustainable Food Fair for Meat Lovers"

At each IKEA store, the "Sustainable Food Fair for Meat Lovers" will be held from May 20th to July 11th. A plant-based (vegetable food) menu that is "friendly to the earth and the body" is now available.

Plant-based foods are ingredients that use plenty of nutritious beans and vegetables. At this fair, popular menus such as Gapao rice, pizza, and beef curry will be introduced as plant-based foods. It requires less resources, water, soil, etc. for production than meat, and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Menu example

Plant-based Gapao rice (with soft-boiled egg) 899 yen (tax included, same below)

IKEA "Plant-based Gapao Rice (with soft-boiled egg)"

Gapao rice, a popular Asian dish, is finished with plant-based meat made from soybeans and other ingredients. The degree of perfection that makes me think, "Are you really not using meat?"

Beef curry that is not meat 799 yen

IKEA "Beef curry that is not meat"

Next Meets "NEXT Gyudon" and plant-based curry are combined. It is a dish that makes you feel that you can eat delicious food without using meat.

Plant-based kebab pizza 750 yen

IKEA "Plant Base Kebab Pizza"

A classic Swedish pizza with plenty of popular plant-based kebabs. Soybeans and onions are used in plant-based kebabs.

Plant-based cold bean soup 299 yen

IKEA "Plant-based cold bean soup"

A rich plant-based potage made from peas, finished in a cold soup that is perfect for the coming season.

Oat milk panna cotta 299 yen

IKEA "Oat Milk Panna Cotta"

Panna cotta finished with oat milk instead of milk and plenty of mango sauce.

Plant base keema curry veggie dog 250 yen

IKEA "Plant Base Keema Curry Veggie Dog"

A popular veggie dog with a lot of beans on a plant base keema curry.

* Only some menus are sold at IKEA Harajuku and IKEA Shibuya. It will not be held at IKEA Shinjuku.