Seijo Ishii Homemade "3 Kinds of Nuts and Cranberry Pumpkin Salad"
(The source of the image is Seijo Ishii official blog)

Seijo Ishii's homemade "3 kinds of nuts and cranberry pumpkin salad" has been announced on the official blog. You can also enjoy bright red fruits and nuts that accentuate the texture.

Seijo Ishii has sold pumpkin salad several times in the past, but this time the atmosphere and taste have changed dramatically. Fresh pumpkin is used as the raw material, not paste or frozen, and richness is added with fresh cream and cream cheese. Cranberries are added to the taste accent, and walnuts, cashew nuts, and almonds are added to the texture accent to prevent you from getting tired of eating.

According to Seijo Ishii, at the stage of considering the menu, it tasted like a sweeter dessert salad and looked a little plain, but the taste was adjusted and the toppings were increased so that you can enjoy the original sweetness of pumpkin during repeated trials. It was finished. You can also take in dietary fiber firmly.

The yellow pumpkin is accented with the red cranberry, which makes it look gorgeous. The selling price of 3 kinds of nuts and cranberry pumpkin salad is 431 yen (tax included) per pack.