Takarajimasha "Yakiniku King FAN BOOK"

The first fan book "Yakiniku King FAN BOOK" of the yakiniku chain store "Yakiniku King" was released by Takarajimasha on May 18th. The price is 990 yen (tax included).

Yakiniku King is an all-you-can-eat yakiniku restaurant that has opened 263 stores nationwide since it opened its first store in 2007. The most popular "Kingu Course" has a gentle price of 2,980 yen (3,278 yen including tax) for 100 minutes, and is very popular because it can be enjoyed in various situations, mainly for families, regardless of age or gender.

Yakiniku King's menu

"Yakiniku King FAN BOOK" contains the history of Yakiniku King, popular menus, employee interviews, manufacturing factory reports, and other secrets of deliciousness. Arranged recipes recommended by the staff are listed, and by combining a wide variety of yakiniku king menus, the fun and deliciousness will be doubled.

Yakiniku King Arrangement Recipe

All 48 Yakiniku King trivia are also posted. Fans such as "There are almost no stores with the same exterior design", "Meat is mainly aged meat that has been aged for 30 days or more", "Scraps of domestic beef special ribs are taken over by another company for soap and cosmetics" This is a must-see content.

Comes with a great-value "SPECIAL passport" that can be used any number of times during the period. Only those who order the "Kingu Course" for 2,980 yen (3,287 yen including tax) can use it as many times as they like for a year for 2,534 yen (2,787 yen including tax) per person. The expiration date is May 31, 2022. Cannot be combined with other discount coupons or benefits.