Pastel "Nyanchi Pudding Mango"

Seasonal products using mango and peach, such as "Nyanchi Pudding Mango", will be released on June 1st from the sweets brand "Pastel", which is familiar with "Smooth Pudding". The lineup is as follows.

Nyan Chi Pudding Mango

"Nyanchi Pudding" topped with Nyanchi from "Neko Neko Cheesecake", a cat-shaped cheesecake specialty store. In June, the seasonal fruit "Mango" will be used. Mango pudding, mango passion sauce, and mango-flavored whipped cream are used under the summer-like umbrella pick to create a mango-filled dish from top to bottom. The selling price is 540 yen (tax included, same below). The sale period is until June 30th.

Pastel "Nyanchi Pudding Mango"

Smooth mango pudding

Mango pudding with flesh and a sour mango passion sauce. Along with the smooth texture, the sweetness of mango pudding and the slight acidity of passion sauce combine to fully enjoy the tropical taste. The price is 432 yen. The sale period is until June 30th.

Pastel "Smooth Mango Pudding"

Smooth jelly

"Hyuganatsu and citrus fruit smooth jelly" is made by layering plain jelly on Hyuganatsu jelly and topped with orange, sweet summer, and grapefruit. The refreshing jelly is also recommended for hot summers. You can enjoy a combination of jelly that feels smooth and smooth and sweet and sour citrus fruits. The price is 432 yen. The sale period is until August 31st.

Pastel "Smooth Mango Pudding"

Panna cotta & white peach jelly

A combination of jelly and white peach in panna cotta full of milk. The subtle sweetness of panna cotta and the deliciousness of white peach spread throughout your mouth. Recommended sweets for those who like peaches. The price is 453 yen. The sale period is until July 31st.

Pastel "Panna Cotta & White Peach Jelly"

White peach shortcake

A cake made by sandwiching white peaches on a fluffy sponge and decorating them with slightly colored white peaches. The whipped cream and white peach melt in your mouth with a gentle taste that melts in your mouth. This cake can only be purchased when the peaches are delicious. The price is 561 yen. The sale period is until July 31st.

Pastel "white peach shortcake"

* "Nyanchi Pudding Mango" and "White Peach Shortcake" are not available at AEON MALL Shinrifu South Building and THE OUTLETS HIROSHIMA.