"Kashomu Yokan" named after Toraya "Japanese sweets day"
(All images are from Toraya official website)

Toraya has announced on its official website that sweets related to "Japanese sweets day" on June 16th will appear. "Kasho steamed yokan" and "Kasho manju" will be prepared.

According to Toraya, the roots of Japanese sweets day are the sweets called "Kajo". During the Edo period, people from public houses and samurai families to the common people ate sweets in hopes of blessing them. In connection with this, four types of sweets will be sold.

Kasho steamed yokan

"Kashomu Yokan" named after Toraya "Japanese sweets day"

"Kasho Steamed Yokan" is a reproduction of one of the sweets lined up in the Edo Castle Hall at an event in the Edo period. Kokura's steamed yokan with brown sugar, which is said to have the effect of preventing summer loss. You can enjoy the chewy texture, the graininess of azuki beans, and the rich taste of brown sugar. It will be on sale from June 10th to 16th.

Kasho Manju 3 pieces

"Kashomu Yokan" named after Toraya "Japanese sweets day"

"Kasho Manju 3 Pieces" is a set of 3 types of manju with different flavors: yellow "Yabu Manju", crimson "Shin Manju", and tea "Rikyu Manju". Each has a Jiading Treasure design, a gavel-shaped branding iron, and a branding iron of the "National Japanese Sweets Association" mark. A sweet that is made with a wish for blessing. Scheduled to be sold from June 10th to 16th. Some stores are not available.


"Kashomu Yokan" named after Toraya "Japanese sweets day"

"Fukukobako" is an assortment of auspicious sweets containing three types of "Narihisago" made by Domyoji, "Hanedai (red and white)" made by Neri-kiri, and "Momede sugar". It will be on sale from June 10th to 16th.

7 Kasho sweets

"Kashomu Yokan" named after Toraya "Japanese sweets day"

"Kashō Confectionery 7 Kamori" A set made based on the confectionery that was delivered to the palace at the end of the Edo period. Reservations will be accepted from June 1st to 12th and will be delivered from June 14th to 16th. Orders must be placed 4 days before the delivery date. In addition, over-the-counter sales will be held on June 16th.

The selling price of each is as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Kashō steamed yokan 1 bottle 2,160 yen ・ Kashō bun 3 pieces 1 box 1,296 yen ・ Fukukobako 1 box 2,160 yen ・ Kashō confectionery 7 pieces 3,240 yen