"Tomato and cream cheese salad" recipe

Let's eat vegetables with salad! Here are three "salad recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Tomato and cream cheese salad" and "Komatsuna cheese salad". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe page.

Tomato and cream cheese salad

The richness of olive oil, the acidity of vinegar, and the saltiness of soy sauce enhance the sweetness of tomatoes, and the cream cheese adds a mellow richness. A "tomato and cream cheese salad " recipe that makes chopsticks unstoppable for a deep taste.

"Tomato and cream cheese salad" recipe

The balance between juiciness and creaminess is also good! The contrast between the red tomato and the white cream cheese is vivid, making it a perfect dish for hospitality.

Komatsuna cheese salad

"Komatsuna cheese salad " recipe to eat Komatsuna raw and delicious. Komatsuna, which is covered with mellow olive oil and rich cheese, softens the harshness of raw food and gives a moderately refreshing taste.

"Komatsuna cheese salad" recipe

The crispy and fresh texture is also comfortable, and above all, I am happy that it can be made quickly without heating. It is also recommended when you want to eat a lot of vegetables!

Radish and perilla tuna salad

"Radish and perilla tuna salad " recipe that goes well with the rich flavor of tuna mayo and the refreshing flavor of perilla. With the help of the crispy texture, this is a dish that makes chopsticks go well.

"Radish and perilla tuna salad" recipe

The rich flavor of Tuna Mayo and the refreshing flavor of the perilla are a perfect match! Along with the crispy texture of radish, the taste that is not too refreshing while having a Japanese taste spreads. The radish will lose its moisture over time after it is made, so the trick is to make it just before eating. It's easy and you can eat a lot of radish, so please use it as a recipe for radish consumption.