Fujiya "Look (Honey Lemon Soda)"

Fujiya will release "Look (Honey Lemon Soda)" and "Honey Lemon Soda Jelly in Love", which are tied up with the movie "Honey Lemon Soda", on June 22nd. Both products are inspired by the world of movies, and have a perfect summer taste that matches the youth love story.

Look (Honey Lemon Soda)

From the long-selling brand "Look", a new product that allows you to enjoy the two flavors of lemon in one box has appeared. Two flavors are assorted: "Lemon Soda" with crackling candy in lemon cream and "Honey Lemon" with honey sauce in lemon cream.

Fujiya "Look (Honey Lemon Soda)"

The package is a design that expresses the world view of the movie by arranging a large logo of the work against the background of soda that bursts with refreshing blue. The assumption is 130 yen (tax included). Handled at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

Honey lemon soda jelly in love

Float-style sweets decorated with domestic honey mousse that looks like ice cream, lemon, golden pine, and mango pickled in syrup, and honeycomb-shaped chocolate. It is finished in yellow or light blue, which is associated with the movie. When you eat a mixture of soda jelly and honey lemon jelly, you can enjoy the texture of shuwashuwa, which is delicious for summer. The price is 440 yen (tax included). Handled at Fujiya pastry shops nationwide.

Fujiya "Honey Lemon Soda Jelly in Love"

* Sold at some Fujiya restaurants.
* The standard tax rate (10%) is applied to eating and drinking at the eat-in space of Fujiya pastry shop and Fujiya restaurant, and it is different from the tax-included price shown.