Nissui "Beef rice ball supervised by Matsuya"

"Matsuya beef rice" is now available as a rice ball. Frozen "Matsuya supervised beef rice ball" will be released from Nissui on May 23rd. Handling at various online shops (details are posted at the bottom of this article).

Supervised by Matsuya Beef rice ball

Matsuya's first attempt to express the taste of Matsuya's beef rice, which has continued for more than 50 years, in the form of "rice balls". "Matsuya Supervised Beef Rice Ball" is a frozen food that Nissui arranged Matsuya's original recipe so that people of all ages, from children to adults, can easily enjoy it.

Uses 100% domestic rice. A mild soy sauce sauce is added to bring out the original taste of beef. You can eat it with one hand just by warming it in the microwave, so it is recommended for busy morning breakfast, working from home, and snacks for children.

The handling sites are as follows.

Matsuya Official Online Shop Matsuya Rakuten Ichiba Store Rakuten Matsuya Food Court Store Beef Meshi Matsuya PayPay Mall Store
Yahoo! Matsuya Food Court Store
auPAY Market (Matsuya Official)
Amazon Matsuya Foods Matsuya Foods d Shopping Store Nissui Official Shop Rakuten Ichiba Store Nissui Official Shop PayPay Mall Store Nissui Official Shop Amazon Store