"Infinite cabbage" recipe

You can eat plenty of vegetables! Here are three "infinite recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Infinite celery" and "Infinite cabbage". * Click the recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe page.

Infinite cabbage

Introducing the recipe of "infinite cabbage " that you can eat cabbage. It's easy because you just chin it in the microwave and mix it!

"Infinite cabbage" recipe

The savory sesame oil and the umami of tuna and chicken gala are exquisite! Good! The moist, soft and crisp cabbage becomes sweeter the more you chew it. Excellent compatibility with the sauce that complements this!

Infinite Maitake

Plenty of Maitake is also completely eaten! ?? Introducing the simple recipe " Mugen Maitake" just by renting. Also when you are worried about lack of vegetables.

Simple recipe "Infinite Maitake"

A dish that you can fully enjoy the scent of maitake and the crispy texture. The umami of tuna and the flavor of sesame oil are appetizing. It might be delicious even if you add a little noodle soup! It is an excellent recipe as a snack for sake and as a companion for rice.

Infinite celery

It is a recipe of "infinite celery " that you can use both stems and leaves at once and easily make it without using fire. You can enjoy the celery flavor and sesame aroma that deepen with a crispy texture. The deliciousness of chopsticks that won't stop!

"Infinite celery" recipe

The celery flavor and sesame aroma deepen with a crispy texture. The bittersweetness of celery is wrapped in rich seasoning and fragrance, making it a little adult but easy to eat.