Caffarel "Fred Dolce"

Summer limited sweets "Fred Dolce" will be on sale from May 24th to August 31st at Kafarel Kobe Kitano Main Store and the official online shop. Pre-orders at the official Caffarel online shop will begin on May 17th.

Fred Dolce

A popular product that has been sold every year since 2016 for the summer only. In 2021, a new flavor "Caramel Banana Chocolate" will be added, and it will reappear in a more delicious and flavorful gift set.

Caffarel "Fred Dolce"

The sweets that the exclusive pasticelles (confectionery craftsmen) of Kafarel Kobe Kitano Main Store carefully bake the moist chocolate dough, sandwich the mousse with a light texture, and finish each one by hand. When cooled in the refrigerator, it becomes a mousse cream sandwich, and when frozen in the freezer, it tastes like a gelato sandwich. You can enjoy two types of eating as moist and fluffy cool sweets.

The price is 2,160 yen for 4 pieces, 3,240 yen for 8 pieces, and 5,400 yen for 16 pieces (including consumption tax and shipping fee) for the "Fred Dolce WEB Limited Set". "Fred Dolce Kobe Kitano Main Store Limited Set" is 1,836 yen for 6 pieces and 3,456 yen for 12 pieces (tax included).

Fred Dolce Flavor


Sandwich the Gianduja chocolate mousse, which is synonymous with caffarel. You can enjoy the fragrant and rich taste of cacao and hazelnuts.

Caffarel "Fred Dolce"

Caramel banana chocolate

A new 2021 flavor that combines caramel with caffarel chocolate cream with plenty of bananas. A fragrant and gentle sweetness spreads in your mouth.

Caffarel "Fred Dolce"


The pistachio mousse, known as the queen of nuts, creates a deep taste. The handmade and carefully caramelized pistachios accentuate the texture.

Caffarel "Fred Dolce"


Sandwich raspberry sauce and raspberry cream with chocolate chips. Moderate acidity and sweetness match.

Caffarel "Fred Dolce"