Sushiro "Horoniga Caramel Mousse Tart" "Peach is too much parfait"

Sushiro sells "Horoniga Caramel Mousse Tart", which is a combination of a tart cake with an exquisite balance of sweetness and bitterness and the authentic cream "Betsubara Cream" that represents the "Sushiro Cafe Club". Introducing the "Momo Too Much Parfait", where you can fully enjoy the charm of peaches with a more powerful "peach feeling". For a limited time.

"Horoniga Caramel Mousse Tart" is a sweet made by combining caramel mousse and cookie dough to make a mousse tart. A new product devised by a caramel-loving pastry chef, the mousse uses plenty of caramel with a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. In addition, the caramel on the top of the mousse uses white chocolate and condensed milk to make the caramel taste a bit different from the mousse. By adding the special "Betsubara Cream" from the "Sushiro Cafe Club" to it, you can enjoy it even after eating sushi. The price is 330 yen (tax included, same below).

Sushiro "Horoniga Caramel Mousse Tart"

In addition, the "Momo Too Much Parfait", which was sold for a limited time in May last year and sold more than 400,000 meals, was very popular. Introducing as. The double ice cream of peach marble sorbet with sweet and sour peach sauce and peach milk sorbet with peach flavor is topped with fragrant white peach sauce and ripe white peach compote to make you feel more peach. The price is 363 yen.

Sushiro "A parfait that is too good"

* It will end as soon as the products are sold out. Some stores have different items and prices.