Ehime Beverage "POM Salt and Summer Mikan"

Soft drink "POM salt and summer oranges" will be released from Ehime Beverage. It will be available from May 17th.

POM salt and summer oranges

A heat stroke countermeasure beverage that can replenish water and salt with summer orange juice. Less than 10% fruit juice. Similar to general sports drinks, isotonic drinks with an osmotic pressure that is almost the same as that of human resting body fluids can absorb water efficiently.

The ingredients used are "Hakuho no Shio" from Hakata Salt Company, a company in Ehime Prefecture, and "Domestic Summer Mikan" with a refreshing bitter taste. There is a slight salty taste in the sweetness, and it is devised so that it will be a refreshing and timeless taste even on hot days.

It is sweet and has a calorie-free finish that is easy to drink with 18 kcal per 100 ml. It is said that you can enjoy it like sherbet even if you chill it and freeze it.

The package will be a 490ml (16.57us fl oz) PET bottle and a 200ml (6.76us fl oz) paper pack. PET bottles can be frozen together with the container. The estimated price is as follows. All notations do not include tax.

・ POM salt and summer oranges 490ml (16.57us fl oz) PET bottle 140 yen ・ POM salt and summer oranges 200ml (6.76us fl oz) paper pack 100 yen