FamilyMart "Shosei Uji Matcha Tsukushi"

At FamilyMart, "Sasamade Uji Matcha Tsukushi" will be held from May 18th to June 7th. A total of 16 types of original products using Uji matcha are available. * The release date and region will differ depending on the product.

Supervised by Harumatsu Uebayashi Main Store

Released sweets and ice cream using Uji matcha supervised by Uebayashi Harumatsu main store, which boasts a history of 450 years as the only descendant of Uji tea master. It is characterized by the aroma and mellow flavor of matcha.

Uji matcha raw chocolate tart

A luxurious tart that combines matcha gateau chocolate with fresh chocolate from Hokkaido, which is a blend of Hokkaido cream. A feeling of luxury is produced by sprinkling gold powder. The price is 220 yen (tax included, same below).

FamilyMart "Uji Matcha Raw Chocolate Tart"

Cream Hoobaru Uji Matcha Cake

Squeeze the whipped cream, which is a blend of moist matcha souffle, rich matcha sauce, matcha whipped cream, and fresh cream from Hokkaido, and top with azuki beans. The price is 278 yen.

FamilyMart "Cream Hoobaru Uji Matcha Cake"

Uji Matcha Dorayaki

A dorayaki dough with a chewy texture, sandwiched with matcha bean paste and whipped cream, which is kneaded with Uji matcha and bean paste. The price is 228 yen.

Family Mart "Uji Matcha Dorayaki"

Waffle Cone Umami Uji Matcha

Waffle cone ice cream that goes well with ice cream made from Uji matcha, which is particular about its taste and aroma, and fragrant corn made from whole wheat flour. Limited quantity. The price is 268 yen. * Prices vary in some areas.

FamilyMart "Waffle Cone Umami Uji Matcha"

Uji Matcha Gateau Chocolate

"Frozen Sweets Uji Matcha Gateau Chocolat" is a bar ice cream that you can enjoy the rich taste of matcha gateau chocolate by applying matcha coating to matcha ice cream mixed with matcha cookies. Uji matcha is used for all ice cream, cookies and coatings. Limited quantity. The price is 208 yen. * Prices vary in some areas.

FamilyMart "Frozen Sweets Uji Matcha Gateau Chocolat"

Supervised by Mr. Haruhide Morita

For easy-to-eat baked sweets and Japanese sweets, we use the original Kyoto-produced Uji matcha "Hosai" supervised by tea master Haruhide Morita. An original blend with richness and astringency that goes well with baked goods and Japanese sweets. "Matcha Financier" (160 yen), "Matcha Pound Cake" (170 yen), "Matcha Baumkuchen" (198 yen), "Matcha Daifuku (4 pieces)" (140 yen), "Matcha Castella" ( 189 yen) is a lineup.

FamilyMart "Matcha Financier"

In addition, "Uji Matcha Latte Made with Ichibancha" (198 yen), where you can feel the taste and sweetness of matcha, and "Matcha Pudding Choco" (138 yen), which spreads the scent of Uji matcha produced in Kyoto Prefecture, will be on sale.

FamilyMart "Matcha Pudding Chocolate"