From "Kakigori Miniature Collection" Ken Elephant

Ken Elephant will release the "Kakigori Miniature Collection" in late May. The price is 400 yen (tax included) per piece. All 5 types.

The lineup is carefully selected from the huge variety of shaved ice that Asako Harada, who supervises, has eaten so far. It is packed with a wide range of shaved ice menus, including cute-looking items, classic flavors, and rare items. All of them are famous stores that have been featured in the media, and this is the first time that they have become miniature figures.

Thorough attention is paid to reproducibility, and when it is offered at the store, a set of bonbons and spoons is also included. The shaved ice has different modeling nuances, so you can enjoy it by collecting and comparing them. The leaflet included in the product is newly written by Mr. Harada. You can learn more about the lineup of shops by reading the commentary.

・ Inamine cold food specialty store "Shirokuma" / Okinawa Prefecture
Even if you don't want to lose the lovely expression of Shirokuma, you can store it permanently with a miniature.

・ Shimura "Ice Shiratama" / Tokyo
The color and shine of red bean paste on shaved ice with a cliff-like presence is expressed just like the real thing.

・ Juhyo-Juhyo-Shaved ice aiming for the best in the world "Moka strawberry" / Tochigi prefecture
In Tochigi prefecture, the best strawberry producing area in Japan, "Moka strawberry" is loved both inside and outside the prefecture. .. A miniature figure with a big size of 70 mm in height!

・ Hoseki box "Litmas test paper ice" / Nara prefecture
"Litmas test paper ice" is famous for its mechanism that changes its color from blue to pinkish purple when sprinkled with sour syrup. I reproduced how the color changes with syrup.

・ Jigen "Matcha" / Saitama Prefecture
The classic "Matcha" is made into a figure from a rich menu that does not fit into the Jigen style. The shape of the round kakigori and the color of matcha made for each order have been faithfully reproduced.