My Bakery "My Sinful Bread"

At my Bakery, "My Sinful Bread" in collaboration with popular gourmet influencer "Wolf" will be on sale from May 15th to May 31st. The price is 420 yen (tax included).

Recently, Korean gourmet food is becoming more popular, but due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it is difficult to enjoy not only traveling but also eating out. Thinking "If you can't go to eat, let's make it!", We repeated trial production under the supervision of Mr. Wolf from the concept, and the ultimate To go gourmet was completed. While various things are suppressed, it is a product with Mr. Wolf's feelings, "Let's gourmet guilty as much as food!"

My guilty bread

"My guilty bread" reproduces a large line of manul bread at a Korean food stall. My Bakery's special bread is dipped in plenty of garlic butter and baked with cream cheese in between. The best combination of garlic butter and cream cheese makes it "delicious enough to leave you feeling guilty" after eating.

A topping "My Immoral Shrimp" that is perfect for "My Sinful Bread" is also available. Shrimp is sautéed in Gochujang, a seasoning that represents Korea. The price is 420 yen (tax included).

The stores are my Bakery 3 stores (My Bakery Tokyo, my Bakery & Cafe Ebisu, my Bakery & Cafe Grand Tree Musashikosugi), and my Grand Market Ginza Kabukiza.