Recipe for "Deep-fried tuna cutlet"

Recommended for bread crumbs consumption! Here are three bread crumbs recipes that the En-eating editorial department actually made and were delicious. "Deep-fried tuna cutlet" and "bread crumbs cookie". * Click the recipe name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Bread crumbs cookies

I want to consume bread crumbs at once ... A recipe for "bread crumbs cookies " that is recommended in such cases. It doesn't take long and you can make it with the materials you have at home!

"Bread crumbs cookie" recipe

Crispy and fragrant, firm texture. The crumbs that are tightly packed loosen as much as you chew, and you can enjoy the delicate shavings like coconut cookies. It is also a point to add a little saltiness! It matches well with the fragrant flavor and crunchy texture, resulting in a more lingering taste. Please try it for households with excess bread crumbs ♪

Unfried tuna cutlet

It's a little healthy because it doesn't fry ♪ Introducing the recipe of "Deep-fried tuna cutlet" that is easy to clean up afterwards.

Recipe for "Deep-fried tuna cutlet"

From the crispy and fragrant bread crumbs, you can see the moist and juicy tuna. It has a smooth and smooth mouthfeel, and the aroma and umami of garlic soy sauce spreads to the extent that you can chew it. Yeah! Since it is not fried, it is not greasy and has a taste that makes full use of the rare taste of tuna. It's soaked in sauce and baked, so you can prepare cheap tuna at the supermarket.

Bread crumbs french toast

Did you know that you can make "French toast" using bread crumbs? Egg liquid soaks in quickly so you can make it in a short time. A recipe for "bread crumbs French toast " that is perfect for consuming bread crumbs that tend to be left over.

"Bread crumbs French toast" recipe

It has a soft and soft texture that melts! The stained French toast, which is hard to find even in specialty stores, has been baked. It's moist and soft, but it's dense and has a satisfying taste. Try it when you want to eat a different snack than usual!