Matsuya "Chicken Tomato Curry" Phantom Tomato Curry Revived Only Now

"Chicken tomato curry" is on sale at Matsuya. Handling starts at 10:00 on May 18th.

"Korokoro Chicken Tomato Curry" is a "Tomato Curry" version of "Korokoro Stewed Chicken Curry", which has many deep-rooted fans. The phantom "tomato curry" that could only be bought online will be updated to the Reiwa specifications and will be on sale for a limited time.

As the name suggests, "Korokoro Chicken Tomato Curry" is a popular menu with plenty of mellow taste, which is made by adding chicken thighs juicy baked on an iron plate to "Tomato Curry" where the sourness of tomatoes and the spiciness of spices are irresistible. Also, this time, you can eat plenty of seasonal vegetables with a luxurious finish that also contains summer vegetables.

In addition, "Korokoro Chicken Cheese Tomato Curry" topped with plenty of melty cheese will be on sale at the same time. Cheese and tomato curry go great together, and once you eat it, you'll be addicted to it.

List of products for sale

Around chicken tomato curry average 690 yen / large serving 790 yen Around chicken cheese tomato curry average 790 yen / large serving 890 yen

Matsuya "Chicken Tomato Curry" Phantom Tomato Curry Revived Only Now

* Miso soup is not included in the case of To go. It can be purchased separately for 60 yen. * All prices include tax. In-store and To go prices are the same * Some stores do not handle