"Stir-fried radish & konjac dice" recipe

Healthy and delicious! Here are three "konjac recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Stir-fried radish & konnyaku dice" and "stir-fried pork konnyaku". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe page.

Stir-fried pork konjac

"Stir-fried pork konnyaku " recipe using pork ribs and konnyaku. The konnyaku, which is soaked in the taste, has a sweet and spicy taste every time you chew it. Combined with the umami of pork belly, it has an irresistible rich taste.

"Stir-fried pork konjac" recipe

Refreshing green onions and crispy white sesame are good accents. This recipe is also recommended for side dishes, bento boxes, and sake snacks!

Stir-fried radish & konjac dice

"Sautéed radish & konnyaku dice " recipe that cuts radish & konnyaku into dice and seasons it sweetly and spicy. You can enjoy the contrast between the texture of juicy radish and plump konjac.

"Stir-fried radish & konjac dice" recipe

A dish with a pleasant texture of juicy radish and plump konjac. Adding radish leaves will add a crispy texture and color. The sweet and spicy taste of Japanese is accented by the spicy stimulus of chili peppers, and the deliciousness that makes you sick! It is also recommended as a snack for sake.

Meat miso konjac

Introducing a simple recipe for the convenient side dish " Meat miso konjac"! It's a nice menu that is a little healthy thanks to konjac, even though it's full of food.

Simple recipe for "meat miso konjac"

The fluffy minced meat is juicy and has the sweetness and richness of fat. Miso sauce is an exquisite dish with the hidden taste of sweet and sour ketchup. The texture is accented with konjac and crispy beans. Thanks to konjac, even if you eat a lot, you will feel a little less guilty!