"MEGA Spicy Demon Spicy Kimchi Ramen" from Acecook

Acecook will release "MEGA Spicy Demon Spicy Kimchi Ramen" on June 7th. The price is 220 yen (excluding tax).

From the "MEGA" series, "super spicy" products that you will want to eat in the hot season are now available! A cup of "MEGA Spicy Demon Spicy Kimchi Ramen" where you can fully enjoy the spiciness and unique flavor of "Kimchi". Kimchi-flavored seasoning oil and spices for "W's spicy" specifications. It is finished in a very "MEGA spicy" taste that is rich and spicy.

Noodles are thick noodles with a square blade that have both moderate elasticity and smoothness. Appropriately seasoned, it is finished in a chewy noodle. The soup is a pork-based soup with garlic and chili peppers. With kimchi-flavored spicy seasoning oil and spices, it has a rich and devilish taste with spiciness and umami. Kayaku is Chinese cabbage kimchi with a good texture, soybean soboro, green onions, garlic, and hot chili peppers. A clear and impactful package with a large menu name and cooking photos.