Hamazushi "Kyushu Umaimon Festival"

At Hamazushi, the "Kyushu Umaimon Festival" has been held since May 13th. A lot of "Umaimon" from Kyushu has appeared.

"Hagatsuo from Nagasaki Prefecture" (110 yen, all tax included below) with a soft texture and rich flavor spreads in your mouth, and "Kyushu Kanpachi" (165 yen) with a nice and elegant fat paste ), The lineup of "Kibinago from Koshiki Island, Kagoshima Prefecture" (110 yen), which was in season in early summer. In addition, "Menta Mochi Chizu Chawanmushi" (286 yen), which is topped with rice cakes and cheese that go well with the rich and delicious "Fukutaro" mentaiko, is also available. You can enjoy the collaboration of freshly steamed chawanmushi and "Fukutaro" mentaiko, which are steamed one by one in the store.

In addition, "Kuroge Wagyu Grip" (110 yen), where you can enjoy the fine and tender meat quality of Japanese black beef cooked slowly at low temperature and the taste of lean meat and fat, will also be on sale. The lineup includes "Kuroge Wagyu Grip [Yama Wasabi Nose]" and "Grilled Japanese Black Beef Grip [Lemon]".

* It will end as soon as the products are sold out.
* Prices vary depending on the store.