Subway "Mexican Meat Tacos ~ Passionate Chipotle Sauce ~"

"Mexican Meat Tacos ~ Passionate Chipotle Sauce ~" will be released on May 26th at subways nationwide (excluding some stores such as leisure facilities). Limited time until July 20th, will end as soon as it runs out. The price is 490 yen (tax included).

"Mexican Meat Tacos ~ Passionate Chipotle Sauce ~" is a hot and spicy Mexican sandwich that combines original taco meat with 12 kinds of spices and herbs, chipotle sauce and cheese. Tacos meat is made by boiling coarsely ground beef with a grainy texture in advance to remove excess fat and improve compatibility with spices added later. Stir-fried with onions, garlic, ginger and several spices and seasoned with tomato paste and soy sauce. By adding pressed barley, a bubble wrap and fun texture is added. The spiciness is even more pronounced in contrast to the well-flavored minced meat.

Subway "Mexican Meat Tacos ~ Passionate Chipotle Sauce ~"

The decisive factor for the taste is the Chipotle sauce, which is based on a mayonnaise-like taste. "Chipotle" is a traditional Mexican spice made from smoked ripe red pepper, characterized by its spicy spiciness and smoky scent. This spicy sauce goes great with the crispy vegetables that Subway is proud of.

Subway Chipotle Sauce

"Chipotle sauce", which has been enjoyed for a limited time, has become one of the sauces that you can choose at any time from this year in response to the enthusiastic support of fans. You can enjoy a Mexican taste by combining it with your favorite sandwich at any time.