"Pudding and cheesecake" first appeared in Daimaru Tokyo

"Pudding and cheesecake" will be released on May 19th from the pastry maker "Morozoff". The sale period is until May 25th. The price is 486 yen (tax included). The sale place is "MVP Sweets" on the 1st floor of Daimaru Tokyo store.

"Morozoff" was founded in 1931 and will celebrate its 90th anniversary in August 2021. In commemoration of this, a new standard product "Pudding and Cheesecake", which is a combination of "Pudding" and "Cheesecake", which are representative of Morozoff's Western-style sweets, will be released.

"Pudding and cheesecake" is a new standard dessert in a Morozoff traditional glass cup that combines custard pudding and a smooth, fluffy cheesecake. Egg-rich custard pudding is layered with a melty cheesecake made from Hokkaido cream cheese and mascarpone. The more you eat, the more the pudding and cheesecake are entwined, and the bittersweet caramel sauce is an accent. It is a new standard proposed by Morozoff who has continued to stick to custard pudding and cheesecake.

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