Chun Shui Tang's "Fruit Tea" Series 1st "Fruit Tea Melon"

At the Taiwanese cafe "Chun Shui Tang", the fruit tea "Fruit Tea" series made from seasonal domestic fruits and tea brewed from high-quality tea leaves will be released on June 7. As the first step, "Flesh Tea Melon", which uses the fresh pulp of domestic melon luxuriously, has appeared.

The "Fruit Tea" series is a fruit tea made with the aim of making more people enjoy the tea brewed with high-quality tea leaves that are additive-free and fragrance-free, which Chun Shui Tang has cherished. We purchase domestic fruits at the most delicious season and arrange them with tea while they are fresh. Since fruits are not processed or frozen, the sales period of each series is short, but you can enjoy the taste of the season because it is in season.

The first "Fruit Tea Melon" is a combination of fragrant jasmine tea, fresh melon juice, and cane sugar syrup, topped with diced melon and whipped cream. The sweetness of the melon fruit and the moderate astringency of jasmine tea are felt, and the aftertaste is a refreshing fruit tea.

The price is 750 yen (10% tax included when eating and drinking in the store). Limited sale for one month until July 6th. The second series of "Fruit Tea" is scheduled for July.