Eitaro's Father's Day Gift
(The source of the image is Eitaro Sohonpo official website)

Eitaro Sohonpo has released "Bamboo Basket Furoshiki Set Summer Kintsuba Assortment [Cool Wind]" for Father's Day. It is available only at the official online store.

Four "Meisho Kintsuba" and three "Amanatsu Kintsuba" and "Zunda Kintsuba" are packed in a bamboo basket that makes you feel the season. In addition, it is double-sided reversible and is wrapped in a refreshingly colored furoshiki with a message card for Father's Day only. It also supports various Noshi.

Of the assortment, the famous tsuba tsuba is made by wrapping bean paste with the flavor of azuki beans in a thin rind of wheat and baking it into a flat round shape. A dish that represents Eitaro, which conveys the shape and manufacturing method of the Edo period.

Amanatsu Kinjo is finished with seasonal flavors of Amanatsu and Shiroan. Amanatsu is also used for toppings, giving the ingredients a deeper flavor.

Zunda Kintsuba is made into a cool dish with the flavor of edamame. The contents are mashed edamame and white pickpocket.

In addition, the "Online Store Limited Packaging Father's Day Option" will be prepared, in which the standard Kintsuba and Yokan are wrapped in a furoshiki and delivered with a special Noshi and Father's Day card. An additional 1,100 yen (tax included, same below) will be charged. The selling price etc. are as follows.

Online store limited item, bamboo basket furoshiki set Summer gold brim assortment [cool breeze] 3,564 yen Free shipping

Online store limited packaging Father's Day option target item ・ Name price gold candy 12 pieces 3,197 yen ・ Sweet summer gold candy 12 pieces 3,197 yen ・ Zunda gold candy 12 pieces 3,197 yen ・ Anmitsu 4 pieces 2,160 yen ・ Hitokuchi brick candy 7 pieces 1,296 yen ・ Eitaro Sohonpo × 2 bottles of Dassai 3,996 yen ・ Eitaro candy watermark box 6 pieces with candy pouch (navy blue) 2,700 yen ・ Eitaro candy fruit juice candy with 6 pieces candy pouch (red) Yen ・ Gift set of Hitokuchi candy and preserved flower [Heart bowl set] 4,400 yen ・ Gift set of Hitokuchi candy and preserved flower 8,250 yen Free shipping ・ Tokyo Pesen 9 bags included Sky blue 1,080 yen ・ Tokyo Pesen 9 bags included 1,080 yen ・Tokyo Pesen 15 bags 1,080 yen, slow calorie dorayaki 5 pieces 1,620 yen