Mos Burger "Cool Dolce Cup Kiichigo"

"Cool Dolce Cup Kiichigo" will be released on May 20th at Mos Burger nationwide (excluding some stores). Limited time until early November. The price is 320 yen (tax included).

The "Cool Dolce" series first appeared in May 2018. It is a perfect product to accompany coffee or tea to meet the demand for tea time.

Cool Dolce Cup Kiichigo

The newly released "Cool Dolce Cup Kiichigo" is a sweet dessert that uses rice flour, processed soymilk, and sugar "sugar beet" made from a plant called sugar beet (also known as sugar beet). Those who are not good at dairy products and those who are not good at white sugar can also enjoy it.

A crumble (crushed cookie) with a crispy texture using rice flour, almond poodle, citrus sugar, etc. is spread on the bottom, and soymilk mousse and framboise sauce using processed soymilk are layered on top, soymilk cream and pistachio topping. By adding lemon juice to the soymilk mousse, it has a refreshing taste reminiscent of a rare cheesecake.

Mos Burger "Cool Dolce Cup Kiichigo"

The sweet and sour taste of Franboise sauce enhances the aroma of almond poodle and the mellow sweetness of soy milk cream. It is provided in a frozen state, and you can enjoy different texture changes for each layer.