Toraya Father's Day recommended Japanese sweets
(All images are from Toraya official website)

It was announced on the official website that Toraya has released Japanese sweets recommended for Father's Day. Small yokan, assorted yokan and bean paste, and brandy yokan are available.

Small yokan "coffee"

Toraya Father's Day recommended Japanese sweets

The small yokan "Coffee" is made from 100% Colombian coffee, which is said to have a fragrant and mellow flavor. It goes well with Irish whiskey and red wine, and is suitable for people who like alcohol. You can choose a single item, a set of 5 pieces, or an assortment. Some stores are not available.

Assorted yokan and bean paste No. 1

Toraya Father's Day recommended Japanese sweets

"Yokan / An paste assortment No. 1" is an assortment of "An paste" and small yokan "Coffee". "An paste" is also suitable for applying to toast, adding it to cafe au lait instead of sugar, or adding it to yogurt or ice cream.

It is scheduled to be sold until June 20, but the sales period may change. It will be sold at Toraya stores where the bean paste is placed, but please note that it is not handled at the Toraya An paste stand.

Brandy Yokan "Amber Search"

Toraya Father's Day recommended Japanese sweets

Brandy Yokan "Amber no Shirabe" is made to always want a busy father to take a break. Amber yokan with a color reminiscent of brandy is layered on the yokan made from French brandy. Alcohol concentration is less than 1%. The package is designed so that a polka dot tie appears when you put yokan in it.

It is scheduled to be on sale from June 1st to 20th, but it will end as soon as it is no longer in limited production. It is handled at all stores.

The selling price of each is as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Small yokan “Coffee” 1 bottle 292 yen ・ Small yokan “Coffee” 5 bottles 1,620 yen ・ Yokan / An paste assortment No. 1 2,117 yen ・ Brandy yokan “Amber no Shirabe” 2,160 yen