Yoshinoya "Rizap Spicy Beef Salad"

The Yoshinoya's new product "Rizap Shin Beef Salad" jointly developed with RIZAP and the Yoshinoya's summer staple "Negi Shiobutadon" will be released on May 13th at 11:00 (excluding some stores). ).

Lizap spicy beef salad

The third product on the Lizap official menu that achieves "high protein and low sugar". More delicious and satisfying than the first "Rizap Beef Salad" and the second "Rizap Beef Salad Shrimp Avocado". One meal can consume one-third of the recommended daily amount of vegetables. * Calculated from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare / Health Japan 21 / Daily Vegetable Intake Target 350g (12.35oz)

Yoshinoya "Rizap Spicy Beef Salad"

Like the first and second bullets, beef / onions, chicken thighs, broccoli, soft-boiled eggs, cabbage are used, and kimchi and glue are added to the ingredients. It is covered with chili oil to eat. You can enjoy it with the functional food "Dashi Supplement Peptide" provided in the attached individual packaging.

The price is 660 yen for in-store food and drink and 648 yen for To go (tax included, same below).

Green onion salt pork bowl

A product in which special green onion salt sauce and pork are fragrantly baked together and placed on rice. If you add "Kabosu pepper" using domestic Kabosu at your favorite timing and eat it, the refreshing scent of Kabosu will spread and you can enjoy it more refreshingly. A perfect dish on a hot day. The average price is 505 yen for in-store food and drink and 496 yen for To go.

Yoshinoya's summer staple product "Negi salt pork bowl"

"Green onion salt pork set meal" (657 yen) is also available. The set meal is an increase in rice and free refills. To go is not possible.

Yoshinoya "green onion salt pork bowl set meal"

This year, a new single item "green onion salt" will be released. It is a topping product made by chopping both long onions and onions, roasting them with salt, garlic, and sesame oil, and adding five-grain vinegar, grapefruit vinegar, and shikuwasa juice to the secret flavor. Excellent compatibility with "Gyudon" and "Karaagedon". The price is 118 yen for in-store food and drink and 116 yen for To go.

Yoshinoya "green onion salt"