Accure Maid "Fukushima Akatsuki Momo" 100% straight juice this year

"Fukushima Akatsuki Momo" will be released on May 18th from acure made, the original beverage brand of acure. The capacity is 280 ml. The price is 180 yen (tax included). Available at Accure vending machines in Ekinaka, JR East, or Accure official online store.

In February 2011, Accure launched "Momo Gokochi," which uses only the brand variety "Akatsuki" from Fukushima Prefecture for the first time. At that time, unlike the present, it was made into a drink with 50% fruit juice as a "lightly drinkable peach". Due to the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the product was not released in 2012, but it was commercialized again in 2013 with the voices of many people and wishes for reconstruction. At that time, I was particular about only "Akatsuki" from Fukushima prefecture. After that, it evolved year by year to 75% fruit juice in 2014, 100% fruit juice by concentration reduction in 2015, and 100% straight fruit juice in 2016, and now it has become a popular product of Accure that is supported by many people.

"Fukushima Akatsuki Momo" is not concentrated and reduced, but 100% straight juice. The juice squeezed from peach fruits is packed in a container as it is. Tastes such as color, flavor, and sugar content vary slightly depending on the pattern of the peaches used. And because it is a crop, the cropping situation also changes every year depending on the weather conditions of the year. You can enjoy the difference as the real thrill of straight fruit juice, which keeps the peach flavor alive.