Lemon refreshing "twig [lemonade]"

From the long-selling chocolate "Twig", a new product "Twig [Lemonade]" will be released on May 18th. For a limited time.

Twig [lemonade]

For "Twig [Lemonade]", we use lemon juice powder from Setouchi because we want to actively utilize domestic ingredients that make the most of the characteristics and traditions of the region. It was developed as a twig inspired by the taste of the now popular drink "Lemonade". The refreshing aroma and sweet and sourness of lemon and the crispy texture of biscuits and wheat puffs make this chocolate exquisite.

"Twig [lemonade]" contains 44 pieces and the price is 194 yen (tax included). A tea time pack containing 116g (4.09oz) is also on sale (open price). Both are scheduled to be sold by the end of August.

Renewal of chocolate twigs

Lemon refreshing "twig [lemonade]"

In addition, "chocolate extra twigs" has been renewed. It will be on sale from the middle of May. As a rare package, a design with the product name "Twig" instead of "Twig" has also appeared. We will enjoy the 50th anniversary of the release of twigs.