Hario "Milk out coffee pot"

HARIO will release a "milk coffee pot" in late May. A pot that makes it easy to make "milk-out coffee" that is extracted by soaking coffee powder in milk.

Iced coffee is a staple on hot days. Cold brew coffee, which is carefully extracted with water, is popular for its mild taste with less bitterness. Introducing Hario is a pot for "milk-drained coffee," which is not water-drained.

Easy to make. Simply pack 40g (1.41oz) of your favorite coffee powder in the included pack, put it in a pot with 500ml (16.91us fl oz) of milk, and extract it in the refrigerator overnight. The point is to use unadjusted milk and do not extract it for too long as it will give off an unpleasant taste. Lightly roasted coffee has a high aroma, and deeply roasted coffee gives a rich and rich milk-based coffee.

Since it does not use water or sugar, you can directly enjoy the aroma of coffee, which is exactly "adult coffee milk". Even if you don't have any special technique, you can easily extract delicious milk coffee with coffee powder, milk, and time.

Hario "Milk out coffee pot"

The price of the "milk-out coffee pot" is 1,650 yen (tax included). The size is width 93, depth 90, height 140, caliber 73 mm. The material is heat-resistant glass for the main body and polypropylene for the lid. Comes with 30 coffee packs.