Recipe "stamina natto"

A simple recipe using natto! Here are three "natto recipes" that were delicious when I actually made them at the En-eating editorial department. Popular in Tottori such as "stamina natto" and "natto mayonnaise toast". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe page.

Stamina Natto

In Tottori, we will introduce a simple recipe for the familiar school lunch menu "Stamina Natto". The refreshing scent of onions and ginger, and the garlic-flavored taste.

Recipe "stamina natto"

Place it on white rice to make "stamina natto bowl". The sticky natto is entwined with the fluffy minced chicken for an exquisite sense of unity. Freshly scented onions and ginger, and garlic eliminate the odor of natto and bring out only the umami.

Cabbage natto salad

"Cabbage natto salad " that combines shredded cabbage and natto. Here are some recipes that you can easily make by simply mixing them with seasonings.

Recipe "Cabbage Natto Salad"

The crispy cabbage and the natto's mellow texture are a perfect match. The flavor of seaweed and the richness of mayonnaise give it a delicious finish.

Natto mayonnaise toast

Introducing a simple recipe for "natto mayonnaise" made by combining natto and mayonnaise. Sticky natto and mayonnaise are more compatible than expected.

Simple recipe for "natto mayonnaise toast"

You can add green onions and chopped seaweed if you like. Please note that the smell of natto becomes stronger when warmed.