"Tofu pork rose roll" recipe

Recommended for days when you want to eat a lot! Here are three "meat-wrapping recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and were delicious. "Eggplant pork roll" and "tofu meat roll". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe page.

Tofu meat roll

Roll tofu to increase the volume! Introducing the "Tofu Meat Roll " recipe that is perfect for eating. The umami that soaks into tofu, the mellow cheese, and the scent of perilla are irresistible!

Saving recipe "meat roll of tofu"

The fluffy tofu that has inhaled the umami, the richness of smooth cheese, and the refreshing scent of perilla leaves. With a strong seasoning, it is perfect not only for rice but also as a snack for sake! It is a taste that is addictive to adults and children. Deliciousness you want to eat once a week!

Kakuni-style tofu pork wrapped in roses

It's like kakuni! ?? "Tofu pork rib roll " recipe made by rolling tofu with pork ribs. It is a hearty side dish that goes well with rice with rich seasoning.

"Tofu pork rose roll" recipe

The surface is covered with pork, so the moment you put it in your mouth, it's as if a big kakuni came in. You can enjoy the tender taste of the meat and the rich taste of the sauce.

Eggplant pork roll

Introducing a simple recipe for "eggplant pork rolls " that have a sweet and spicy taste. It goes well with both white rice and beer, and is a dish that will please children and adults alike.

Simple recipe for "eggplant pork roll"

The heated eggplant has a soft mouthfeel. When chewed, it overflows with juicy flavor and matches perfectly with sweet and sour seasoning. The sweetness and richness of pork fat overlap there. Insanely good!