Donk "Chilled Melon"

Donk will start selling "Chilled Melon" as a summer-only sweet bread. This product, which can be enjoyed after being frozen in the freezer, will be available from May 22 to August 31.

The melon bread is filled with cold cream, a summer-oriented product that has been available every year since 2010. The best time to eat it is about 10 minutes after taking it out of the freezer. In 2021, a total of three types will be available.

Donk "Chilled Melon

Lemon yogurt

Donk "Chilled Melon"

Lemon Yogurt" is a refreshing yogurt cream with lemon juice. This is a reissue of a popular flavor from the past.

Milk Vanilla

Donk "Chilled Melon"

Milk Vanilla" is a melon bread filled with milk vanilla cream with fresh cream. This is our most popular flavor.


Donk "Chilled Melon"

Melon" is made with a melon-flavored cream. This dish offers a gentle sweetness.

The chilled melon is available at a total of 120 stores nationwide, including Donk Edité, Joanne, Marie-Catherine, and Dominique Jurand, in addition to Donk stores. However, the sales period and contents differ at some stores. The retail price is 227 yen each (tax included).