Simple recipe "yogurt carbonara"

Deliciousness that is a bit different from usual! Here are three "carbonara recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and were delicious. "Yogurt carbonara" and "somen carbonara" etc. * Click each recipe name link to jump to the recipe article

・ Somen Carbonara Introducing a simple recipe for " somen carbonara"! It's easy to make, but it's insanely delicious, so it's a must-have item to add to your summer somen arrangement recipe.

Simple recipe for "somen carbonara"

The crispy somen noodles, the rich cream, eggs, and cheese that are entwined with each other. Perfectly delicious carbonara sauce with fragrant juicy bacon and black pepper accents, and somen noodles with a nice throat mess up!

Yogurt carbonara
Easy Recipes " yogurt carbonara introduce the"! It tastes like sour cream and is refreshing yet satisfying.

Simple recipe "yogurt carbonara"

It looks like Carbonara itself! The yogurt is thick and mellow like pasta with fresh cream. The richness of milk and egg yolk gives it a rich mouthfeel, while the refreshing acidity of yogurt softly escapes into your mouth. But it's not too sour. It is mellow thanks to Parmesan cheese. It's like adding sour cream!

・ Tofu carbonara
Easy without the need for eggs, milk or cream! "Tofu carbonara " recipe using tofu and mayonnaise. Recommended for consumption when a little tofu is left over.

"Tofu carbonara" recipe

The creamy mouthfeel and mellow taste, the garlic flavor and the umami of bacon are just carbonara! The finish does not feel the taste of tofu. However, the taste is quite light because it does not use eggs, milk or fresh cream. It is recommended to adjust the richness with the amount of grated cheese. Try it when you have a little extra tofu, or when you are running out of eggs or milk!