SB Foods "Super Spicy Scorpion Beef Curry"

S & B Foods will release "Super Spicy Scorpion Beef Curry", a retort curry that uses TABASCO Scorpion sauce and is convincing to spicy fans, on May 17th. Summer only. The estimated price is 300 yen (excluding tax). Shipment is scheduled to end at the end of August 2021.

"Super Spicy Scorpion Beef Curry" is a special spicy retort curry that combines deliciousness and authenticity by using "spicy" that is convincing for spicy lovers and domestic beef. The sauce expresses the deliciousness of curry sauce by adding mellow aromas of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, etc. to the sweetness of sauteed onion and the mild acidity of yogurt.

Stewed with herbs such as thyme, rosemary, and laurel, using soft domestic beef that enhances the original taste of the meat. In addition, only "TABASCO Scorpion Sauce (the hottest sauce in TABASCO history, which boasts 10 times the spiciness of TABASCO sauce)" released in Japan in July 2019 is used for spiciness. The first taste has a fruity sweetness and umami, and the aftertaste has a sharp and vivid pungent taste, which enhances the deliciousness and spiciness of the curry.