Cafe de Clie "Japanese roll cake-kinako & black beans-"

At Café de Clie and Café de Clie Plus, drink menu "Frozen top Karyu milk tea-using brown sugar from Okinawa prefecture- (ice)", food menu "Japanese style oil sauce of pork shabu and fried eggplant", dessert The menu "Japanese-style roll cake-Kinako & Black beans-" will be released on May 12th.

"Dong Ding Oolong Milk Tea-Uses brown sugar from Okinawa Prefecture- (Ice)" is one of the four major tea leaves in Taiwan, and is characterized by its gorgeous aroma and refreshing taste. ) ”Is used for iced drinks. Dong Ding oolong tea is extracted to a strong extent, and brown sugar from Okinawa prefecture and milk from Hokkaido are added to make it suitable for meals. Black honey is added so that you can enjoy the rich sweetness. The price is 480 yen.

Cafe de Clie "Dong Ding Milk Tea-Okinawa Prefecture Brown Sugar Used- (Ice)"
Dong Ding Tea Milk Tea ~ Using brown sugar from Okinawa ~ (left) and Uji Matcha Latte with ice cream (right)

"Japanese-style oil sauce of pork shabu-shabu and fried eggplant" is a Japanese-style pasta of pork shabu-shabu and fried eggplant seasoned with soy sauce sesame sauce, which is popular every year. You can double the amount of pork shabu-shabu for +110 yen this year. Recommended for lunchtime with more volume than usual. The price starts from 710 yen for a single item. Drink set menu discount-50 yen.

Cafe de Clie "Japanese-style oil sauce of pork shabu-shabu and fried eggplant"

"Japanese-style roll cake-kinako & black soybeans-" is a Japanese-style cake made by rolling whipped cream mixed with kinako and black soybeans into a sponge dough with a soft texture. Kinako is also topped on the top, and the fragrance of kinako spreads. The price is 440 yen. Drink set menu discount-30 yen.

Cafe de Clie "Japanese roll cake-kinako & black beans-"

* Prices may vary at some stores