Chiikawa" campaign at FamilyMart

The "Chiikawa" campaign will be held at FamilyMart from May 11, 2012. In conjunction with the campaign, a limited quantity of collaboration products exclusive to FamilyMart will also be available.

FamilyMart "Chiikawa" Campaign

Buy three of the target products and get "Chii-Kawa" original goods in this campaign. The campaign will run from May 11 at 7:00 to May 31. The campaign will end when all the prizes are gone.

First prize: 4 types of A6 size notebooks
Distribution period: May 11, 7:00 - May 31

Prize #2: 4 kinds of PVC charms
Distribution period: May 25, 7:00 -

Chiikawa" campaign at FamilyMart

Goods present campaign

One receipt of 500 yen (including tax) or more including one or more eligible products will be counted as one entry, and 110 winners will be selected by drawing for a total of 110 limited original goods.

Prize A (two entries): "Ningyocho Imahan" sukiyaki set at home + original plush toy for 10 people
Prize B (one entry): One limited edition original soy dish (100 winners)

Chiikawa" campaign at FamilyMart

Campaign period: 5/11~5/31
Deadline for application: Postmarked by June 4
The product name on the receipt will be prefixed with "*".

In addition, a FamilyMart limited edition "Cogumi Cheeky" will go on sale nationwide from May 18. The price is 198 yen (tax included).

Chiikawa" campaign at FamilyMart

These "Kogumis" are gummy bears in the shape of a "Chiikawa" with the face of a "Chiikawa" designed on the gummy bears. Four flavors are available: Ramune, Melon Soda, White Soda, and Cola. Two types of packages are available.