Tully's 2 Kinds of Kilimanjaro Coffee Beans

Tully's Coffee will release seasonal coffee beans "Kirimanjaro Ironba Washed" and "Kirimanjaro Matunda Natural" on May 14th.

The taste of coffee changes due to subtle differences in climate and production methods even in the same production area. This time, two types of coffee beans that maximize the appeal of high-quality Kilimanjaro coffee are introduced.

"Iromba Washed" is a coffee bean finished by a refining method called "Washed", in which the flesh of coffee cherries is peeled off and then the pulp is removed with water. You can enjoy the royal road of Kirimanjaro taste, which has a clean and brown sugar-like flavor and a bright and refreshing citrus flavor. The price is 1,296 yen (tax included, same below) / 200g (7.05oz).

Tully's "Kilimanjaro Ironba Washed"

On the other hand, "Matunda Natural" is a refined coffee bean called "Natural" that slowly dries coffee cherries in the sun with the pulp attached. It features a fruity taste with condensed sweetness. The price is 648 yen / 100g (3.53oz).

Tully's "Kirimanjaro Matunda Natural"

In addition, "Tully's Zips Single Serve Kilimanjaro Assorted Box 8P", which is an assortment of two types of Kilimanjaro with different tastes, will also be on sale. You can easily enjoy it just by pouring hot water, so it is recommended for cafe time and home work at home. The price is 1,296 yen per box.

Tully's "Tully's Zips Single Serve Kilimanjaro Assorted Box 8P"