"Jagarico Garibata Soy Sauce Flavor" for a limited time

From Calbee's "Jagarico" brand, a product jointly developed with fans, "Jagarico Garibata Soy Sauce Flavor," will be released on May 10 ahead of convenience stores. For a limited time. It will be released on May 24th at stores other than convenience stores. The price is around 150 yen (tax included).

"Jagarico Garibata Soy Sauce Flavor" was born from a new product development project of "Jagarico" membership fan site "Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Jagarico School" (finished at the end of March 2021). At "Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Jagari School", we have been developing a new taste "Jagariko" together with fans (Jagari school students) who are members of "Jagari School". We have released "Fried chicken flavor", "Honey butter flavor", "Grilled mentaiko flavor", etc. for a limited time. This time, there are 13 jointly developed items.

In product development, we solicited the tastes we wanted to eat at "Jagarico" through our website, narrowed down to 10 out of the 2,922 proposals we collected, and as a result of voting, decided on "Garibata soy sauce flavor", which was the most popular. The prototype was tasted by school students, and improvements were made by reflecting the opinions of about 300 people. The taste of garlic, butter, and soy sauce was well-balanced, and the taste was finished so that you wouldn't get tired of it even if you continued to eat it.