"'Wilkinson' Highball Limited Time Ginger Ale" Strongly carbonated and refreshing taste

From Asahi Breweries, RTD of canned highball using "Wilkinson Tansan" (abbreviation of "Ready to Drink". Refers to canned chu-hi that can be drunk as it is after purchase) "" Wilkinson "highball limited time ginger ale" It will be released on May 18th. Alcohol content is 9%. The price is 155 yen (tax included).

"'Wilkinson' Highball" is an RTD that uses "Wilkinson Tansan" and is characterized by the refreshing carbonation of Asahi Breweries' "highest gas pressure ever" in RTD history. The "Wilkinson" Highball Limited Time Ginger Ale to be released this time is a canned highball of ginger ale using "Wilkinson Tansan".

Using Nikka Whiskey's undiluted whiskey, it has a refreshing taste with strong carbonic acid while being chewy. No artificial sweeteners, natural taste. The can package design is based on green, with the "Wilkinson" logo drawn large on the front of the can body, and the letters "HIGH BALL" written large to express that it is a highball with strong carbonation using "Wilkinson Tansan". doing.