Gyoza no Ohsho "Chive Ramen"

"Chive ball ramen" will appear as a limited-time menu from the Gyoza no Ohsho. It will be available from May 1st to 31st.

A cup of seasonal leek with plenty of garlic and spicy rich soup with garlic and doubanjiang. The ramen is accented with fluffy eggs and minced meat, and has a vivid appearance. Hokkaido flour is used for the noodles. In addition, it is announced that you can take it home in a microwave oven-compatible container and enjoy the taste of the store hot. A separate container fee will be charged when you take it home.

In addition to the single item, you can also choose "Fairset A" with 3 dumplings and almond tofu, and "Fairset B" with 3 dumplings and rice (small). Both sets can add 3 dumplings for an additional fee.

Gyoza no Ohsho "Chive Ramen"

The stores that handle it are the Gyoza no Ohsho and "GYOZA OHSHO" all over the country. However, some stores are excluded. The selling price of each menu is as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Chinese chive ramen single item 750 yen ・ Chinese chive ramen fair set A 980 yen ・ Chinese chive ramen fair set B 990 yen ・ 3 additional face set dumplings +110 yen ・ Container fee for take-out +20 yen