Slight alcohol "Asahi Beary Fragrant Craft"

Asahi Breweries will release "Asahi Beerly Fragrant Craft," a "slightly alcoholic" beer-taste beverage with an alcohol content of 0.5%, on June 29 in 1 metropolitan area and 9 prefectures in the Kanshinetsu area. The second "slight alcohol" product developed based on the concept of "smart drinking" that proposes a variety of ways to drink alcohol.

"Asahi Beerly Fragrant Craft" is a beer-taste beverage with an alcohol content of 0.5% that gives you a fruity and gorgeous scent in addition to the umami and richness of wheat. With our unique de-alcohol technology, we have added a gorgeous scent while retaining the "complex aroma components derived from fermentation" peculiar to beer, resulting in a taste with a "fruity scent and richness".

The package is a high-quality and gorgeous design with gold hops printed on the entire surface of the can body based on white. The features of the product, "Fruity fragrance and richness," are described, and the "Smart Drinking" logo mark is placed. Was described.

Alcohol content is 0.5%. The estimated price is 195 yen (tax included) for a 350 ml can.